'Resolve IP Address from Domain's Name Server' Gives You Control Over Your Name Server Resolution

As a service committed to ensuring the uptime of your websites across the globe, we at Site24x7 ensure that monitoring your websites is not affected by any temporary network glitches on our part. Be assured that we have taken sufficient steps to avoid this problem with the functionality 'Resolve IP address from domain's name server.'

So, what exactly does 'Resolve IP address from domain's name server' do?

Before we elaborate on this functionality, here is a brief description of how monitoring takes place with Site24x7. When you configure your website for monitoring, our servers will try to establish a connection with your website and check for availability. (We will try to resolve the website address to a machine readable IP address. Now this translation is done by a DNS server.)

But the Internet is a messy place and is bound to have fluctuations, and any data center-specific issues can result in a spike in the response time of your website -- or worse, trigger a false down alert.

Here is where 'Resolve IP address from domain's name server' comes into play.

Have control over your Name Server resolution.

By selecting this simple option, you ask Site24x7 servers to resolve your IP address from the name server of your domain itself, while monitoring. This will ensure that even if there are any data center-specific DNS cache problems, monitoring your website will be unaffected, and you won't be receiving any false alerts, provided your name server is not down.

Configuring the functionality

If you have already added a website, click Edit to change the configuration. Navigate to Advanced Configuration > HTTP Configuration > Resolve IP address from domain's name server.

See the screenshot below:






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