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Author: ArunCame across a nice little blog post by Kai Loon, blogger and Site24x7 user from Malaysia. The post is titled Site24x7 - Monitor your website better. Few excerpts from his post:

Today I am going to introduce this hosted website monitoring service to all of my friends — site24�7. Base on the name you may know that this is a 24 hours service and they provide several services to help you to monitor and track your web. There are 6 major services which included:

Monitor website availability

Track website performance

Web application monitoring

Monitor web page defacement

Instant alerts

Reports and trends

They will send you a weekly report for your website and you may consider changing your host when you find out any unwanted data shown such as the downtime stats. They will also send you a SMS when there is any problem occurred in your web and it is totally free! Try it out now!

Full article can be read hereKai Loon also has a 'Monitored by Site24x7' badge on his blog. Thanks for the post, Kailoon. Glad that you liked Site24x7. We've also had couple of our users writing to us recently. Orient Wu of said:

"Site24x7 provides us with the perfect blend of features for monitoring our websites' uptime. Thanks for the great service"

Naren of AIPIL said:

Site24x7 is quite an effective tool and site for various critical independent testing processes. Won our attention hands down"

Thanks Orient Wu and Naren for those comments. Keep those feedback coming!

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