Introducing the New Pricing Model

The pricing of Site24x7 takes a new direction. We have now introduced a new Pack based pricing model which is simple and fits the monitoring needs of all. The new model introduces ready made pack options for users ranging from small IT teams, DevOps to large enterprises, and if none of our packs suit your specific monitoring needs, then you can always customize your pricing options with us and create a monitoring pack of your own, so simple!


The new model has a concept of basic monitors and advanced monitors that you might have to choose from. Wondering what they are? Well, we have answered them below.


What is a monitor?

Monitor, in this context refers to a website, web application, server, FTP service running on a specific host /port or Web Application Monitor. Site24x7 checks these monitors to make sure your business applications are running well. For pricing, Site24x7 classifies monitors as Basic Monitors and Advanced Monitors.

What can I monitor using Basic Monitors?

  • Website (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • FTP, SMTP,POP, Telnet, SSH, DNS, Ping etc.
  • Network components like switch, router etc (Ping / TCP Port using On-Premise Poller)
  • Server monitoring (Windows / Linux (agent-based))
  • Test SSL Certificate expiry
  • Each instance of Amazon EC2~ / RDS / S3 buckets.
  • Each VMWare VM - (VMWare monitoring using the On-Premise Poller)
  • Domain resolving (DNS)
  • Database monitoring (TCP Port)
  • FTP Service monitoring (FTP)
  • Rest API
  • SOAP monitor

What can I monitor using Advanced Monitors?

  • Web application monitor (monitor multi-step web transactions in your service)
  • Web page Analyzer
  • Mail server Round Trip Time monitoring (basic POP and SMTP port monitoring is a Basic Monitor).
  • Each JVM, .NET or Ruby application instance in Site24x7 APM Insight (a.k.a Application performance monitoring)
  • FTP upload / download round trip time and availability monitoring
  • Defacement Monitoring

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