Introducing milestone marker - A hassle free way to track your product updates

Peter is sweating profusely in his office. Their e-commerce application is suddenly slow, and he is unable to identify the root cause of it. He remembers discussing a few changes with his UI team for better aesthetics - well, could it be the reason for the slowness? Also, a few weeks back, John's team had made some code changes in the back end for making transactions easy for the end user. Would it have contributed to this slowness? He also remembered that there were a few build updates by the server team too. Well, how is he supposed to find the black sheep out of this? Call everyone for a meeting, you may say. But these meetings generally wobble up your energy and you are left with nothing but to dwell in dark.

Milestone Marker

If the above scenario resonates with you and if you share your sympathies with Peter, fret not! Site24x7's milestone marker feature is all set to address your pain points. A word of caution - If you are under the impression that milestone marker is like a genie's wand..oops, it is not. So what does this feature do then?

Well, milestone marker by Site24x7 helps you to record any significant event, like configuration upgrades, version change, feature enhancements, etc.. This way, you can easily check if your build updates or version changes has affected your application's performance.

What does milestone marker do?

When you are deploying a new build or if your application undergoes some critical feature change, you can mark it across the timeline with the help of milestone marker. Just key in the time and details of your infrastructure updates and the marker appears in your timeline.

Here's a preview of how it works:

Milestone Marker

How does milestone marker help me?

Milestone marker helps in visualizing the performance of your application before and after an update or whenever you make some changes in your application. Let's consider a URL with high response time. A fix has been done to address this issue. Mark a milestone before implementing this fix - this serves as a benchmark for your comparison. Mark another milestone after implementing the fix. Now you can compare the performance of the URL with the help of these two markers after the implementation.

With milestone marker, it's easier to compare the incidence of new updates of various components in your application (Eg: cache servers, db servers, app servers etc.). Say there is a new feature release or some feature optimization has been made, there is always a blind spot where a different component can have a severe impact on the overall performance of the product. In such cases, you can group all the relevant monitors together and mark the respective changes. By having a milestone marker over a group of related monitors, one can easily identify those blind spots.

In short, mark your product configuration upgrades and version changes with the help of milestone marker and look back to those markers in case of any problem with your product. When in doubt, check out for your marker and it will throw light on the performance changes of your product/application.

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