Integration to intranet portals, website uptime buttons & more

We recently had an update here at Site24x7. Here is a brief overview of the features/enhancements that have gone into this update.

1. Option to integrate website uptime and performance data into intranet portals/applications:

We have provided access to secure public views for all the monitors in your account. These views display the uptime and performance data of the websites you are monitoring, and these views can be easily integrated into any third-party application or corporate/intranet portals. Users can thus get a perspective of the performance of their websites from outside the datacenter, and they can get it right within any application or corporate/intranet portal.

Below is a sample Dashboard View integrated into ManageEngine Applications Manager product.

Log in to your account and visit the Portal Integration page under 'Home' tab to know more on this option.

2. Uptime buttons to showcase your website uptime

If your website is going great guns in terms of having a fantastic uptime as well as consistent performance, it would be a great idea to showcase that on your site.  You can now do that by embedding an uptime button on your website. This is a great way to demonstrate the reliability of your site to visitors and win over their confidence and trust.

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3. New monitoring locations in Brazil and Sweden

Our global website monitoring network has now expanded to include 2 more locations, one in Brazil and another in Sweden. The Brazil server is located at Rio De Janeiro and the Sweden one is at Stockholm. We believe users having their customers in these parts of the world will find these locations useful for their monitoring.

What is your take on our latest enhancements? Pour in your feedback either through comments to this post or contact us directly.

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