Identify database level problems in your website with 'content check'

In Site24x7, availability of a website is determined by checking the HTTP response code we receive from the website. Whenever a standard error code is returned the website will be marked as down.  Refer our help guide for a comprehensive list of error codes.

But there will be scenarios where the issue will be at the database level and your website or web application might not return the standard error codes. In contrast it might even return a success response code so that the website wont be identified as even down.

A typical use case can be your website responding with a success HTML response code of 200 to Site24x7 checks, whereas in actual case your site might not be accessible for the external world because of, say an internal SQL server error. In such scenarios your website might get reported as UP since the HTTP response code returned is 200.

Enable a content check to bypass this scenario

You can handle the above use case with a slight configuration change in your website monitor.

While adding your website monitor configure a string that will be send across for every success response from your website. You can configure this under Advanced Configuration >> Content Match. You need to configure your website response such that the particular string should be present during all success responses and should be absent during all error responses.

Read our help doc for more information on Content Mismatch option.

Once the content check is enabled for all scenarios that do not return the configured string, Site24x7 will return the website or web application as down.

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