Automate your tasks with Zapier, and you start living!

Do you wish to do some custom actions to improve business processes when your website goes down? And, are you finding it difficult to write programs for that?

Site24x7 integration with Zapier may be the solution to your problems.

Zapier makes it easy to sync data between web services. It is a tool that acts as a bridge and allows you to automate about 212 web services on a single platform. Gone are the days when you paid developers heavily to make two critical services work together.

With Zapier, you can automate the workflow between online services like Salesforce, Basecamp, Gmail, and many others. Zaps, a combination of triggers and actions in Zapier, help you automate tasks across services.

A typical zap process is shown here:


The left portion of the image depicts an integration called a trigger and the right portion depicts an action. The zap process simply converts your API response to a format suitable for the write action. So, each zap that you create must be assigned a trigger and an action.

Now, Site24x7 provides the trigger. The triggers supported by Site24x7 are:

  • New Alert Trigger : ~ When a new up, down, or trouble alert is generated in ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Site24x7
  • New Contact Trigger :~ When a new contact is added/created in Site24x7
  • New Monitor Trigger~ :~ When a new monitor is added in Site24x7

Life can't get any simpler because you can now push data from your Site24x7 account to 200+ other services, such as Google Talk, Zoho CRM, and Trello. For example, your operations team may be using Trello to stay organized and track task completion. Now, when you get a new website alert from Site24x7, you would want to create a task in Trello. In such a case, when there is a downtime recorded in one of the monitors that Site24x7 is tracking or when a new monitor is added, it is immediately notified in Trello through a zap action, such as adding a card or creating a list.


Zapier also gives you a free trial version. So, what are you waiting for? Just sign up and start zapping 24x7!


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