Answering your Site24x7 Premium account questions - part 2

Earlier this month, we'd answered some questions about the Site24x7 Premium account here in this blog. Today, we will discuss another set of questions and their answers here for the benefit of our readers. How many monitoring locations are available for the Premium account? Where are these locations?

With the Premium account, you can monitor your website uptime from up to 6 different geographical locations. These locations include California, Houston, New Jersey, Netherlands, UK, and Singapore. Where do I specify the monitoring locations for my website?

You can either specify the monitoring locations while creating a new website monitor or edit the monitor and specify monitoring locations later on.


What are primary and secondary locations?

A primary location is the monitoring server from which Site24x7's monitoring checks will be send to your website as per the monitoring interval configured. When a website check from the primary location fails, the sites will be checked again from the secondary locations before downtime is reported. For example, assume you have selected California as your primary location and Singapore and Netherlands as the secondary locations. The monitoring interval specified is 5 minutes. Your website will now be monitored from the California location every 5 minutes. If a website check from California fails, the website will be rechecked from Singapore and Netherlands locations also. This concludes part 2 of this series. Stay tuned for more answers to common questions in our future posts. If any of your questions have not been covered here, feel free to contact our support.

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