Answering your Site24x7 Premium account questions - part 1

We launched Site24x7 Premium account a few days ago and the feedback has been good so far. We've also received quite a few questions about the Premium account from our users. Just posting some of these questions and their answers here in our blog for the benefit of other users. What do I get out of the Site24x7 Premium account?

You get all the features of the Site24x7 Standard account (earlier known as Site24x7 Professional account) plus the ability to monitor the uptime of your websites from up to 6 different worldwide locations. This will help you ensure your websites are up and accessible from different parts of the world. You also get uptime & outage reports and response time stats from multiple locations. How is the Premium account different from the Standard account?

The Standard account lets you monitor your site uptime from only 1 monitoring location (California). If a check from California fails, rechecks are done from 3 randomly selected secondary locations before reporting downtime. The Premium account supports all the features of the Standard account plus the option to monitor website uptime from up to 6 geographically separate locations.

How much does it cost to add the extra locations?

Each additional monitoring location costs USD 2 per month. I'm currently using the Standard account. Can I upgrade to the Premium account?

Yes. Simply login to your account, click the "Upgrade" link and select Premium account.

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