50+ integrations with Site24x7 Plugins

Site24x7, the all-in-one cloud based monitoring solution now provides support for more than 50 different integrations. Use our plugins and~monitor a~wide variety of applications and platforms such as MySQL, PostGres, Apache, Tomcat, WebLogic, Memcached etc.~

An ever expanding list 

Some of the verticals our integrations cover are:

  • Database servers
  • Application servers
  • Web servers
  • Caches
  • Message brokers
  • Custom plugins & many more

Database servers 

Database servers are the bare essentials in any system, and no matter what type of database you use we have got you covered. If you are a traditionalist who prefers using RDBMS servers, or you prefer an in-memory operational database that provides you database parallelism, or you are tired of the traditional database structure and prefer a NOSQL approach for your document-oriented databases, we have got you covered on all fronts.

Database rollbacks

Graph for the total number of transactions that have been rolled back across databases in a PostGres server

Database servers supported: MySQL, PostGres, DB2, VoltDB, Riak, CouchDB, Couchbase


Application servers 

Whether you are running an open source application server like GlassFish or a commercial one like WebLogic, monitoring for memory leaks and application lag can mean the difference for your business. Site24x7 with its wide range of metrics ensures that each and every component of your application server runs efficiently and smoothly.

Total started thread count

GlassFish metric for showing how many threads have been created and started in the server.

Application servers supported: WebLogic, GlassFish

Web servers 

Web servers are the focal points of web hosting, and as such are critical to most businesses nowadays. Site24x7 plugins monitor your web servers for uptime, memory utilization and traffic to ensure your web servers are up and running at all times.

Active connections

NGINX server connections that are currently active on the server.

Web servers supported:~Apache, Tomcat, Lighttpd, NGINX, NGINX Plus


Ensuring there is no lag in your system's performance is of utmost importance and caches play a vital role in fulfilling this. Whether you are using simple web caches or distributed caches, the need for a cache is unquestionable. Site24x7 plugins provide you with detailed metrics on your caches without causing any lag to your systems.

Bytes currently used

Indicates the total number of bytes currently used for caching items in the Memcached server.

Caches supported:~Ehcache, Varnish Cache, Memcached

Message brokers

If you are using a telecommunication network with heterogenous applications, you will definitely be using a message broker as a middleware to translate communications from one application to another.

Monitor your message brokers with Site24x7 and ensure there is no communication mismatch in your system.

Average request latency

Shows the average time it takes between a producer sending a request and a broker receiving the request in a Kafka server

Message brokers supported:~ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Kafka

If you are not satisfied with the metrics displayed in default, you can also choose the metric to monitor. Decide which ones suit your interest more and configure your plugins to your needs.

For detailed list, check out our webpage on plugins.

Custom plugins for custom monitoring

If you feel we still haven't got you covered, we also provide you with the option to monitor metrics, applications or servers of your choice custom made for your needs. Just use Python or Shell script if you are on Linux or DLL, Batch, PowerShell or VB script if you are on Windows and create plugins to monitor the data you need.

Get started now

Site24x7 Plugins is available as a standard feature along with Server Monitoring, priced at only $9/month for 10 servers in the Standard pack.

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