Monitor Your ESX/ESXi Servers and VMs

VMware vSphere monitoring allows you to discover your entire virtual infrastructure through the vCenter server. This discovers your virtual resources and categorizes them into components such as data center, cluster, ESX/ESXi hosts, etc.

  • Visualize the vCenter infrastructure in a single view
  • Maximize VMware ESX/ESXi server uptime and ensure that your virtualization environment runs at peak performance
  • Resolve VMware performance issues by troubleshooting before it affects the end-users
  • Analyze the uptime and ensure optimal performance of your servers, guest virtual machines and your internal network
  • Also monitor your Public Cloud environment with Site24x7 Cloud Monitoring
VMware Monitoring

Know What's Happening in Your Virtual Environment Before Your End-Users Experience a Problem

Memory and Network Utilization

Memory, Datastore & Network Utilization

Track memory consumption and receive notifications on utilization by memory type. Monitor the status and performance of the network interface. See attributes like data receive rate, data transfer rate, interface health and packet data for optimum network utilization monitoring.

CPU & Disk Utilization

Know if your CPUs are running at full capacity or being underutilized. Identify storage capacity by disk partition and be notified when disk space falls below the set thresholds.

CPU and Disk Utilization
Performance Reports

Performance Reports

Receive summary information on the performance of ESX/ESXi servers giving you the flexibility to monitor servers based on their performance over time.

Hardware Metrics

Verify hardware component functionality of your VMware ESX/ESXi servers and monitor disk failures and voltage problems.

Hardware Metrics

How it Works?

Step 1

Download and install the On-Premise Poller in the network that needs to be monitored

Step 2

Key metrics including CPU, memory, and disk usage will automatically be collected every 5 minutes and pushed to the Site24x7 server

Step 3

Configure thresholds and be alerted if resources or usage cross set thresholds

VMware Monitoring feature is available from Site24x7 Business pack and above

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