Monitor your ESX servers and VMs!

Site24x7 VMware monitoring provides comprehensive performance metrics to monitor your VMware ESX/ESXi servers and their guest virtual machines, and ensures optimal performance.

Site24x7 vCenter monitoring can discover your entire VMware virtual infrastructure through the vCenter server. The VMware virtual infrastructure groups allow you to discover virtual resources and categorize them into components such as Data Center, Cluster, ESX/ESXi hosts, etc.

Site24x7 VMware monitoring gives insight into end user experience, get out-of-the-box reports and graphical views, set alarms and thresholds along with comprehensive fault management capabilities to maximize ESX server uptime and ensure that your VMware environment runs at peak performance every time, thus simplifying VM management.

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VMware Monitoring

Do you want to know what's happening in your VMware environment before your end-user faces any problem?


Site24x7 provides you the best VMware Monitoring and Troubleshooting. With Site24x7 VMware Monitoring, you can :

  • Start monitoring all your VMware servers and Virtual Machines
  • Be intimated when your resource consumption goes beyond the critical thresholds
  • Get hints on VMware ESX/ESXi Servers which are running short of resources
  • Identify servers that are lacking in resources and take corrective action

CPU & Disk Utilization

Identify which component uses up more CPU and determine if CPUs are running to the full capacity or are being misspent. You will also get to know the CPU consumed by the virtual machines and also by the host server.

Also identify storage capacity of each disk partitions and get notified when the disk space falls below the brink set and tries to maintain a minimum disk space available for use.

CPU and Disk Utilization

Performance Reports

Performance Reports

Gives you a summarised information on the performance of ESX/ESXi servers. It gives you the flexibility to monitor your servers based on their performance over a period of time.

Hardware Metrics

Check if the hardware components of VMware ESX/ESXi servers are working properly and monitor if any of the disks have failed or if there are any voltage problems.

Hardware Metrics

Memory and Network Utilization

Memory & Network Utilization

Keep track of the memory space consumed and avoid situations when servers run out of memory. Get notified, when a high usage of memory occurs. Metrics are classified as active memory, overhead memory, shared memory and much more.

Monitor the status and performance of network interface, attributes like data receive rate, data transfer rate, health of interface and packets received/transmitted are available for optimum network utilization monitoring.

Benefits of using Site24x7 VMware Monitoring

  • Assures high uptime and peak performance of your VMware ESX/ESXi host servers and their corresponding virtual machines
  • Settle issues in the performance of your VMware environment by troubleshooting before it affects the end-users
  • The agent will collect data about the ESX/ESXi Servers and Virtual Machines performance from these instances and pass it on to the Site24x7 server
  • Analyze the uptime and performance of your servers and applications and also monitor your internal network.
  • Monitor the VMware host and the guest virtual machines on it
  • Make decisions about allocating resources to each virtual machine according to the availability
  • Easy to setup and manage directly on the host server hardware

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