Making Site24x7 more in line with DevOps

FTP Test: User Specified File in Directory

VMWare datastore free space as %

Go addition for APM

Monitoring performance of Nodejs

Request for NodeJS Plugin

Enhance Tag Bulk Association

Microsoft DFS replication

UDP Monitorings

Exchange Database Monitroring

Microsoft Azure Monitoring

Batch files monitoring


FR - Workstations

Customized Dashboards

Monitor for MTR

Disable Docker interface discovery

Report for Monitors in Suspend Status

Version Controlled Monitors

Integration with Zoho Reports

Root Cause Analysis for the Monitor

Percentile Averages

Monitoring via LwM2M

AppLogs Pricing and Docker Logs support

Resource Process/Service Templates

Expanded output on group Outages page

Read-only client agent mode

Third Party Integration by Monitor Type

SIP Options Monitor